PuriScent Fragrance Families

Floral Fragrance

  • Black Orchid
Flora fragrances range from elegant to experimental and descriptive. In China, floral scents are viewed as both classic and modern.

Oriental Fragrance

  • Asia Garden
  • China Rain
The Oriental family is an up and coming global fragrance trend in the global luxury hospitality market incorporating spice, wood, or vanilla notes.

Marine Fragrance

  • Ocean
  • Amalfi Coast
These fragrances are soothing and often incorporate watery floral notes. Marine fragrances has evoloed experiential, conveying escapism and freshness.

Aromatic Fragrance

  • White Tea & Thyme
Aromatic notes are viewed as a way to "bring nature inside" to create a relaxing environment. Aromatics incorporate a variety of garden herbs, and include notes such as lavender, mint, and basil with lavender being the most popular.

Fruit Fragrance

  • White Tea & Fig

There is a distinct difference between "Citrus" and "Fruit" families; fruity notes typically appeal to a younger demographic, while citrus is often more refined and resonates with the 35-49 age group.

The fruit family has become broader in the US and incorporates a variety of fruits including traditional orchard fruits, tropical fruits, red fruits and berries. Popular fragrances in this market include Macintosh apple, red currant and black raspberry.